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Our Dim Sums

Dim sum, literally "touch the heart," is a Chinese culinary culture. The dishes are usually refined pastries stuffed with meat and vegetables, which are steamed and served hot in the special bamboo baskets.


Among all the varieties of Dim Sum, the two most popular ones are Ha-kao (steamed shrimp dumplings) and Siu-mai (a type of steamed dumplings stuffed with pork).


On the truck, dim sums coming directly from our kitchen are steamed in front of your eyes before being tasted on the spot, at your home or in your office. They are ideal for a lunch on the run as well as a dinner with friends.


Our authentic and creative dim sums are suitable for everyone: meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables and herbs with exotic spices. Gourmet, delicious, but also healthy and balanced, our dim sum will let you discover the new flavours from China, through our original recipes and delicious sauces.


The Dim Sum Montreal truck is indeed a new catering alternative for your lunch break and for your take-out dinner. We like to make dim sum and to share them with you!

Préparer la pâte à dumplings - étape 1

Préparer la pâte à dumplings - étape 2

Préparer la pâte à dumplings - étape 3

Farce pour dumplings

Remplir dumplings

Plier dumplings

Dumplings prêts d'être cuits

Dumplings servis avec sauce soja

Déguster dumplings

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